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Africa's first realtime location intelligence stack.

With Weevate's Realtime Data & Wide Coverage, Reach & Engage Your Audience at Your Preferred Points Of Interest (Locations)

Discover the power of location

Find your audience with 750,000+ Geofenced locations all across Africa. Engage over 11 million+ buyers who visit these locations everyday, with custom mobile experiences. Explore our Distribution as a service Platform!

Custom messaging at scale

Send super personalised and customised consumer-centric mobile messages. Engage consumers with custom mobile experiences based on their realtime location data. Offer personalised product experiences through our local partners at each geofenced Point of Interest. All at Scale!

Distribution As A Service

The Weevate Platform is built to be the route to market for high quality consumer products. This includes full focus on the product from the warehouse to the distributor, sub-distributor and retailers and our millions of daily buyers in all our geofenced POIs. And YES, we support pure Cash Sales.

demand protection

Getting a product to Market dominance is half the story. Nothing attracts counterfeiters & competitors more than the smell of success. Weevate is built to establish and retain market dominance, preventing price crashing competitors from crashing your party & counterfeiters from eating your lunch.

About US

Our Mission is to enable all relevant stakeholders (Public & Private) reach their desired audience with timely relevant and personalised messaging. We believe messaging should be useful to recipients too and this is our attempt to make it so. is building Africa's first Data Powered distribution Company using a combination of real time data, Direct access at scale, and our strong existing relationships with local informal traders, Wholesalers and logistics companies as our key strengths.

We're focused on the entire African continent and are poised to offer even larger scale once The African Continental Free Trade Area kicks off all over Africa.

Weevate is driven by the desire to create structure for the market and entire ecosystem and aims to achieve highest standards of quality and excellence in this endeavour. As Africa's first Platform based Distribution network, we intend to include all stakeholders in our ideas of an organised and efficiently run distribution network and we welcome discussions and ideas on this as well.

ecosystem partners

Any inquiries?

We are here for you, 24/7, to help you and reply within the hour.

The Penthouse, Theodolite House, 306, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria. 

+234 9060004142

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