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Mobile App Owner? Read This!


Interested in monetising your App without any interruptions to existing monetisation solutions in-app? Interested in monetising your inactive users without the need for them to open or use your app?


If so, here’s what we suggest you do…


We’ve all been there. You spend lots of resources building a mobile app, get it approved on Google Play and Play Store, get some initial installs traction, get super excited that the revenue tap is about to be opened. Then after a few days of promoting your app and getting a lot more installs, you watch in shock as crickets dance around your chosen monetisation partner’s dashboard for your account. Reason? Low CPM rates for African users and not enough impression in-app. Sounds familiar?


With our solution now, you do not need your users to open your app, neither do you need to worry about falling cpm rates. We are presently working on a calculator tool to help you estimate your monthly revenue based on our real numbers. Before then though, we’re happy to help manually calculate and discuss your next steps. Kindly go here to begin.


Also, we (& Our SDK Technology) are compliant with Google Play Policies and all Privacy Laws including GDPR and the Nigerian NITDA DPR Laws. Once again, Click Here to begin.

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