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Distributors Wanted for Food & Beverage Products


Looking For: Distributors and super stockists across Nigeria.


We at Weevate are strongly focused on creating an efficient ecosystem for Distribution of FMCG products in the Foods Sector in a way that minimises waste and therefore improved cost savings which are then passed on to consumers. Over the years, we’ve been more focused on building a Technology for offline attribution for major FMCG players and we’ve been able to help these brands achieve the clarity they seek and eliminate potential blind spots.

At the moment, we’re exclusive representatives (For the Nigerian territory) for major brands and products in the food and beverage sector and Our company has a strong track record in creating value through partnerships with several companies, local and global players. We wish to expand our network of distributors thus, we continuously look for collaboration opportunities with local distributors, wholesalers and sub-distributors who are aligned with our values and technology.

What do we do here? is building Africa’s first Data Powered distribution Company using a combination of real time data, Direct access at scale, and our strong existing relationships with local informal traders, Wholesalers and logistics companies as our key strengths. With our over 750,000 Points Of Interest already mapped and geofenced, we’re able to make sense of the offline and use this to bring order and efficiency to a world of chaos and waste.

We’re focused on the entire African continent and are poised to offer even larger scale once The African Continental Free Trade Area kicks off all over Africa.

What is expected of you?
  1. Full Participation in our Process, once approved and admitted. Read below for more on getting admitted…
  2. Also, you must be willing to commit at least N50,000 per SKU per month (paid upfront via an Escrow service on Flutterwave or an Agreement to Pay on Product delivery to you*) in order to be accepted into the product at a particular price range.
  3. We have minimum Sales expectations for Territory Exclusivity (Where you get exclusive arrangements for performing products for your territory) and you’re welcome to ask for this if you can meet up.
What do we bring to the Table?
  1. Experience in choosing winning Products in the Foods, Beverages and Pharmaceuticals Sector
  2. Technology that can influence over 15m Shop Visits Nationwide and guarantee massive awareness for each Product we back
  3. A Loyalty Platform that is being actively used across 1000 Shops and retail outlets all over Lagos, and by more than 250,000 consumers who will buy products we represent just for the chance to earn more points to redeem amazing rewards (including Netflix premium accounts, Data, Airtime, Travel Points, etc).
  4. A Stable Organisation that will help you earn
  5. Assurance on Territory Exclusivity. If you meet our expectations on sales for your territory, we will keep our word. The territory stays yours for as long as you continue to meet up. (Most companies will give territorial exclusivity to the highest bidder. We DON’T do this. We have standard expectations and it stands for as long as you continue to meet up).


Next Steps
Follow the following simple steps below to begin your application process of becoming an Authorised Weevate Wholesaler/Sub-distributor.
  • Fill the distributor application form below and click the submit button.
  • You will get an email from us with full Instructions on Next Steps & and required documentation.
  • Send all necessary documents and once vetted, we’ll send you a Link to an exclusive/Private group on FB
  • We’ll approve your Group Join Request
  • You’ll then be provided with a dossier on each product in our Portfolio for you to Select from and proceed with.
  • Once Done, you proceed to Payment. This Payment is for Products and it’s sent to an Escrow account (to be released to us only on Product delivery – and confirmation that product is received in good conditions and as expected).
  • We deliver product on the agreed date, you receive the product, approve of it with our Delivery Agent and your Payment for product in Escrow is released to us
  • We set up your Shop(s) on our Platform.


Weevate Distributor Application Form Step 1;

Click on “Apply Now” to Proceed to the next step in your email…