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Weevate Platform Use-cases; Sports Betting

Case Study – Distributing on Behalf of our Sports Betting Client


We were recently approached by a Sports Betting company seeking to do business in Nigeria, having just concluded their Regulatory requirements (with a newly issued License Number). They needed a risk free, performance based approach to take the market, and we had very interesting conversations with them on numbers, KPIs and key metrics to track/optimize for.

Key amongst numbers for them was our potential for Scale. However, with our ability to influence over 15m shop visits across over 750,000 owned data points and 35,000 fully on-boarded Points of Interest (POIs), that was quickly established and proper expectations was set.

Establishing potential was easy. Discussing plans for achieving immediate results during the test phase, along with plans to build upon short term results for nationwide scale, is the hard part for most media and distribution companies. But not for us. As we will soon show, our platform practically makes it easy to get immediate results and scale that results.

Our approach is simple – with our AI powered WeevAudience™, we have deep insights into who amongst our users are going to be the most receptive to what, based on our mapping of the Offline. Therefore in this case, i.e., Sports Betting we identified those most receptive to and most likely to try out bets with a new platform. This is step 1.

Right before the campaign began, we made sure to collect data for and onboard exactly 500 Sports Betting Outlets and built this particular Sports betting campaign around these cluster of POIs. We chose to do 600 as we wanted to first establish a win before deciding to Scale up. The campaign was thus targeted at those who were a match from our Audience + those who happen to be within the those on-boarded Points of Interest. Now messaging alone won’t do much justice if we didn’t have a secret sauce.

Our ‘not so secret anymore sauce’ was to reach the “right” people based on the targeting above + offer them a chance to build upon their Weevs™. That’s right. We have a Point system that has been adopted by more than 250,000 people globally (majority are based in Nigeria, where we have our most active users). The opportunity to acquire more points is usually the difference maker for most people when faced with the option of going with habit or trying totally new products/platforms.

And the fact that we can do this at scale is mind blowing for most companies that come to us.

With our Technology, our team of experience field sales agents and merchandisers all over Lagos, we brought this client over 10,000 Registrations and close to 60% FTD within 48 hours of free registrations across board. Now we’re working with this Company to expand nationwide and expanding the targeted POIs – while they also are now confidently opening up physical locations across the country.

This shows one thing – we understand the Offline and we get results. Talk to us NOW!